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WSDLMerge v1.2   (ASP.NET)   
WSDLMerge updated with small bugfix. Available from the project's google code page as usual. Both source and binary.



ZAP Re: WSDLMerge v1.2

ZAP Re: WSDLMerge v1.2

Lenard Gunda Re: WSDLMerge v1.2
Sorry but it currently does not support password protected web sites. I'll add that to my list of things to do. I currently have very little time to develope the app and that effort is put into fixing issues with wsdl:import element.

Although this should not be hard to implement (you are referring to simple HTTP username/password, right?)
andrucci Re: WSDLMerge v1.2
What's about password protected web address (https://localhost/test.svc?WSDL)?