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Blog engine update, hopefully content follows as well   (Bl0g)   
I updated my blog engine once again, migrating it from MVC 2 to MVC 4. It was a real pain doing the migration, especially since I used ASPX View Engine back in the good old days :) Nevertheless, it was a good opportunity to learn and practice.

I did not change the view engine that was used, but updated other parts. Now using MVC 4, and newer script libraries. I also updated some components, like the source code highliter and of course the theme. The page is now (hopefully) more mobile friendly as well. Tablets, mobile phones should scale as needed.

Hopefully I will have time this year to create some new articles. I have been playing a lot around Javascript, and there are some real headaches that I would want to write about.

Tomorrow I will be talking about Typescript at TechDays 2013 Finland. The talk is in Finnish, but it required some work on my part - again potential blog articles. ;-)

I will also need to respond to some comments, because they seem to be coming still to older articles.

ReBuildAll - What's all this?   (Bl0g)   
Hello and welcome to ReBuildAll blog. I have had a Hungarian language blog for some time now (over five years really). Then last year I felt like sharing my thoughts on .NET and related things, so I started an English language technology related blog on Blogger. But I was too lazy or something, and the effort died after two articles. This is my attempt to start again.

So first I imported the two entries into this blog, and stay tuned for possibly more. Please feel free to read and comment.

The aim of this blog is to share some of my thoughts regarding .NET development, write about experiences or just write something technology related.

At the same time this is the first time I get to test my own blog engine with English language support, so if something seems funky, its just a bug (and probably you are seeing something in Hungarian). :)